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White Room Dividers

A versatile system of room dividers that will enhance any home.

Easi-Frame White Primed door System..........a combination of styles and sizes married to beautiful white primed door and frame sets.

                       Image of Easi-Frame White Door Set, GWPSHAP10-COEOP31R, 2005mm Height, 1127mm Wide.

                          Easi-Frame White Door Set, GWPSHAP10-COEOP31R 


Lots of styles and sizes in this Easiframe room divider system, in fact....any door size with a 1981mm height can be used within permissable limits such as having available matching side screens.

                      Image of Easi-Frame White Door Set, GWPP10-COEOP2, 2005mm Height, 2062mm Wide.

                              Easi-Frame White Door Set, GWPP10-COEOP2

The range of options is so vast that we can add any width of product & door or side screen size, reading out product text explanations keep you informed of the size varaition from product image to products image.

                     Image of Easi-Frame White Door Set, GWPP10-COEOP5, 2005mm Height, 2672mm Wide.

                             Easi-Frame White Door Set, GWPP10-COEOP5

This range will eventually extend to 140 options, just ask if you don't see what you require.


Important pre-purchase PDF guidance notes and Easi-Frame White Primed Detail & Instructions, print and keep.