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Thruslide - Available Now

Direct is happy to announce the release of our exciting new range: Thruslide Sliding Doors. This is a fantastic collection of many of our favourite door styles and designs from XL Joinery, with a variety of oak, white, walnut and painted doors to choose from.


The Thruslide sliding door system features two parallel track-mounted doors that are able to slide effortlessly past one another within the frame. The track system is located above the door, reducing the need for any floor tracks or other tripping hazards and is hidden from view by two pelmet facings, resulting in a clean and beautiful aesthetic.


Thuslide is available in 2, 3 or 4 door configurations depending on your requirements.

There really is something for everyone within this collection and we predict it will fly from our shelves, so get your order in quick to avoid any disappointment - your home will thank you for it.


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