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Tarifa Walnut Veneer Door & History

The stunning Tarifa walnut veneer door has a lustrous lacquer finish and a vertical light wood inlay.

This door is constructed in much the same way as most interior doors are constructed these days, the veneer is fitted to a solid core which may be a composite core or a solid timber core.

                           Image of Tarifa Walnut Veneer Flush Panel Door, Clear Lacquer Pre-Finished

We have noted below some interesting facts about Walnut.

"A woman, a dog and a Walnut tree - the more you beat them the better they be." So said a sixteenth century English proverb definitely best ignored these days. 

The most mature Walnut trees are beautiful trees with large wide spreading branches and a heavy large leaved foliage.

The leathery leaves grow to about 200mm to 225mm long and are made up of a number of individual leaflets with the largest of these at the very tip.

If you crush these leaves in your hand they have a pleasant and fairly rich smell similar to shoe polish but beware as the juice from them may leave a brownish stain on your fingers. 

The trees are sourced or available to be sourced from any number of countries and as far as timber production is concerned the trees are spaced at about 5m x 5m (400 trees per hectare) and inter-planted with a selection of other trees and shrubs to create a habitat that will encourage the trees’ straight growth required for timber production.

Thickness 35mm
Construction Walnut veneer with lacquer finish on a semi solid core.
Guarantee 12 months
Availability 4-7 Working days anywhere within mainland Uk, Islands by arrangement.