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Made to measure pocket doors

There are many great reasons to choose pocket doors for your home. The modern contemporary design, practicality and more spacious rooms are just a few of them. However, with our new bespoke collection, there is another reason to choose the cutting-edge pocket doors.

Bespoke made to measure doors are a new arrival to the British interior design market and besides all the advantages mentioned above, allows you to choose the size of the door, granting the homeowner even more flexibility in choosing where to install the door.

Bespoke pocket doors Bespoke pocket doors


The 40mm thick Bespoke pocket doors give an option to account for both the overall wall width as well as overall wall height (Overall Wall height options range from 2050mm to 2470mm, every 10mm):




In addition to size flexibility, the new collection also offers doors in all the most popular door colors such as white, grey and black as well as various glazing options and finishes.

bespoke pocket door bespoke pocket door bespoke pocket door


bespoke pocket doors bespoke pocket doors bespoke pocket door


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