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Pocket Doors - now you see them - now you don't


Ok, you've heard the words "pocket doors" mentioned but have no idea what it means, so what is a pocket door?

Let's do the mind-boggling jargon bit first, it's fairly easy to understand once you grasp the basics


What is a pocket door?

A pocket door is a single or double door and sometimes 4 doors in a range of styles that slides into a steel framework known as a cassette concealed within your wall when the door is in the open position, it saves a huge amount of space and has lots more benefits for your home.


What's a pocket door cassette?

This is where the magic happens, the cassette is in kit form or as fully constructed and sits within the wall, the doors sit inside the cassette when they are fully open.

What is a pocket door Jamb?

The jamb (where required) is what you would think of when a traditional door is hinged, simply explained it is the door frame and will require architraves or facings.



Are there different types of pocket doors?

There are so here are some ideas, 

  • Evokit Classic - high quality single or double pocket doors with wooden jambs and architraves, the latter is not included.
  • Absolute Evokit - No jambs or architraves required, plaster finish almost up to the door.
  • Unilateral - two doors sliding from left and right in to a central cassette
  • Telescopic - two doors sliding from the left or right in to a single cassette on the left or right but also available as a four door version with two doors going to the left and two to the right and residing when open in a cassette at either side of the opening, great for the largest of rooms.
  • Fire rated pocket door kits all tried and tested in the UK to fully comply with all current legislation.
Internal-classic-pocket-doors Frameless interior pocket doors Unilateral telescopic-sliding pocket doors Unilateral telescopic-sliding pocket doors

We supply all these pocket door systems anywhere in the UK but not only that, we don't just supply the system, known as the cassette or kit, we have the largest range of doors shown in real lifestyle settings to allow you to visualise what is possible and all are supplied by us.

The glass pocket door kit is based on our own design while utilising the Ermetika cassettes, innovation allied to great manufacturing to provide the best range anywhere and giving you a massive range of pocket sliding glass doors.

As the UK's largest pocket door kit stockist and supplier we have all the answers, did you know that not only can you purchase our starter range of very high quality Evokit single and double pocket door kits but also the Absolute Evokit range, the latter is without the need for any timber jambs or architraves, just clean sophisticated lines and the ability to almost plaster right up to the door.

Our range doesn't stop there, you can have fire rated pocket doors, Unilateral pocket doors and Telescopic pocket doors.

Let's dig deeper in to what all the above means, the Unilateral is when two rooms have a dividing wall, space is at a premium and you need ideas, as mentioned previously this kit allows two doors to slide from the left and the right in to a central pocket - you could say two rooms for the price of one.

The telescopic - the telescopic is hugely popular, it's where two doors slide in the same direction, to the left or to the right and again reside within one cassette within the wall or for larger rooms we can supply the double version with four doors - two going left and two going right.

Fire rated pocket door systems - we are the first company to specifically target the use of a range of previously UK tested doors but now allied to a European company UK tested pocket door system, Ermetika systems do this, compliance is everything and not to be taken lightly - your security is uppermost at all times.