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Light Colour Mahogany Interior Doors


We are continually asked or more so told that "mahogany doors" are a dark colour, the short answer is that this is not the case.

                                                Internal Mahogany Doors

                                                   Our mahogany door range

The amount of doors we have sold from our mahogany range runs in to the thousands and as such it's safe to assume we know what we are talking about, we simply ask a customer to be willing to look at the mahogany doors we offer, they generally change their minds but for specific reasons.

The need or requirement for mahogany doors is not that obvious, a few quick questions to a customer are..... are you painting, staining, varnishing or waxing the mahogany door or any other door option for that matter, the only answer we are really concerend about is if a customer states their preference is to stain it, this will then lead to a bit of clarity as to what colour and sometimes why!

     Image of Riviera Mahogany Door Glazed with Clear Bevelled Safety Glass  Image of Louis Mahogany Door  Image of Regency 4 Panel Mahogany Solid Door Image of Hamlet Hardwood Mahogany Door with Bevelled Clear Safety Glass  Image of SA77 15 Pane Mahogany Door with Bevelled Clear Safety Glass Image of Regency Colonial 6 Panel Hardwood Solid Door Image of Malton Mahogany Door with Bevelled Clear Glass

        Some of the interior mahogany doors we can supply.

Our point is to guide a customer and pick their brains as to what they are trying to acheive, it would be pointless staining an oak door if a mahogany one would do, we simply require a little help from a customer so that we get the product they require and at a reasonable price, delivered for free in the UK. 

Now that we have cleared up the isuue surrounding mahogany doors and how light in colour they can be we would ask you to remember that oak doors are very light in colour and are generally clear varnished or waxed, the difference with oak is that there will be more "grain" which is visually pleasing, mahogany doors don't generally have this grain.

Our mahogany doors have very few if any fire door options, this may be something to consider when planning your refurb or renovation.

Our full range of mahogany doors can be viewed here.

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