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JB Kind Double Doors

Double doors in 57 different styles, that's right....57!

We wanted to say 57 varieties but "Heinz" may have complained.

                      Image of JBK Tate Oak Colour Door Pair, Pre-Finished

This double doors range was specifically created to allow you to create your own style of double door and also to increase the range of sizes (by 10mm aprox) within a particular style of door by adding the "Pairmaker" component if you wish to have a centre rebate.

                            Image of JB Kind Dominica White Primed Door Pair with Clear Safety Glass

The "Pairmaker" range of double doors, you can choose to open the doors towards you or away and also choose whether the left or right door opens 1st, the doors are sold as two doors ready to butt together.

                           Image of JB Kind Parisienne Walnut Door Pair with Decorative Grooves and Clear Glass, Pre-Finished

The sizes available vary from door to door but in some instances include 915mm, 1066mm, 1220mm, 1372mm, 1524mm and 1676mm, these are tight sizes without any clearance allowed but by adding the extra JB Kind pairmaker rebate component you can add to these sizes by approximately 10mm, a great range of double doors.

                           Image of JBK Empire Honduras Door Pair with Beech & Oak Veneers, Pre-Finished

57 very different double doors in a range of veneers and style with flush, panel or glazed options.

Double doors with style.