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Internal Doors - Glazed

In these days of modern living which can provide us with a bit of a frantic lifestyle we sometimes need clean lines and minimal distractions, I know it's only doors we are talking about but they are stylish and tactile objects, they take the strain off our eyes and help us chill out. If that's the situation for you then door choices to fit your interior design and lifestyle is crucial, nothing compares to the simplicity and elegance of glass.

                                             Internal Doors With Glass

                                                          Internal Doors

Having stated the above I have to say it's not the only advantage, installing white painted doors or pine, walnut or oak glazed doors between rooms can "borrow" light into those dark corners without impacting on other comforts such as warmth, or peace and quiet. 

Our leadership within the supply of internal room dividers with numerous styles of glazed doors, will provide you with the perfect way to sub-divide a room while retaining light throughout.

Dark areas need all the natural light they can get, adding glazed doors to areas such as hallways can be equivalent to having a new window fitted - without the upheaval.

Obviously, fitting glazed doors in your home will have a beneficial effect on the overall look and feel of the living space. It really doesn't matter whether they're classic panelled styles or modern designs, glazed doors can be shut without making a room feel cut off.

We all know that traditional homes can consist of lots of small spaces that are separated from each other by doors and waiting to be freed up, consider choosing glass paned doors before you start knocking down walls, they can have a surprising effect. 

It may be a bit obvious to say it but one of the main benefits of glass is the transparency, not always for the obvious reasons, internal glazed doors can make your home safer, for example, in the case of kitchens and children's rooms, by allowing you to keep an eye on what's going on at all times.

Oak Internal Panel Doors

The most popular of doors, oak doors keep on growing in terms of available styles and sizes with and without glass, the panelled range of oak doors is now the largest in the Uk with some stunning results, such as the Palermo and the Sassari doors, most of the doors we have for you to choose from include some very narrow sizes and in most cases there is a selection of fire rated doors to match, simply stunning.

                                             Oak Panel Doors

                                                  Oak Internal Panel Doors

The history of the oak panel doors is as you would expect, you start with the tree and work from there, very early doors were constructed from the planks of timber cut directly from the felled tree, the resulting plank size would be determined by the width of the tree used, these planks were strapped together by horizontally or diagonally crossed struts of timber (bracers) in order to keep the vertical planks in line so producing a panel of sorts.

Contemporary Internal Doors

This is any door that fits the bill, sounds a bit short to say this but really it's down to you as an individual to decide what really is contemporary or shaker style, the doors that we consider "Contemporary" are doors with flat panels and an abscence of any additional beading or mouldings, clean, funky, decide but this is what we consider to be accurate information.

                                              Shaker Style Panel Doors

                                               Contemporary Internal Doors

The range we offer for Contemporary doors encompasses all the usual variations of woods such as Pine, Oak and Walnut and then the White Primed versions, glass types normally have clear or a very plain and therefore unobtrusive glass without any definite patterns such as flowers etc.

Internal French Doors

A truly massive range but well laid out to make the browing experience a happy one.

The french door range includes the usual styles of glazed doors but we have put together our "pairmaker" range which is basically two doors placed together and then you have the option of adding a timber edge....the pairmaker ....which then adds about 10mm to the overall width.

                                               Internal French Doors with Glass

                                                       Internal French Doors

The sizes available vary from french door to french door but include 1066mm, 1220mm, 1372mm, 1524mm, 1676mm, 1252mm 1452mm, 1652mm and 1852mm, these are tight sizes without any clearance allowed but by adding the seperately supplied pairmaker rebate component you can add to these sizes by 10mm, a great range of double doors.

Rebating, the word "rebate" in joinery terms relates to allowing the two doors to overlap where the meeting rails of the doors join when closed, you can also choose to add the rebate if you have the correct space within your frame where the doors will be fitted, this range includes a "pairmaker" from our Joinery section within this site and adding this to the doors where they will meet in the middle will add the 10mm as mentioned above.

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