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Famous Doorways & Entrances

The idea behind this blog was to encourage the reader to come up with "Famous Doorways" in their region or country.

I personally started by looking at Edinburgh and decided that although the Scottish Parliament building below is very recent the entrance way is fast becoming recognisable, this is very much in part due to what I think is one of the most stunning (but grossly expensive) building designs anywhere in the world.


Some of the doors in Edinburgh are just superb, not necessarily because of their aesthetics but because of the history surrounding them, entrances such as the doors & gates at Edinburgh Castle, the fantastic but undervalued Palace of Holyrood House shown below which is the home of Her Majesty the Queen when residing in Edinburgh and doors like those at the late 15th century John Knox's House, simple but dripping in history.


One of the most exciting entrance ways must be that to "Mary Kings Close" shown below which if you're lucky enough to visit Edinburgh is a must see, this entrance takes you deep underground to a secret (less so now) warren of streets, these streets lie beneath what is already an historic street...the "Royal Mile" which leads directly from the Castle to the Palace.

My last option of what is arguably the most odd entrances is that of the Scott Monument (shown below) in Princes Street, a lasting reminder of Sir Walter Scott, this monument was completed in 1846 and has 64 statuettes, it's not the entrance at the bottom of the monument..... it's more the exit at the top, the last few steps within the pinnacle and final doorway may require some rapid dieting as it is very narrow, squeeze out though and you are rewarded with fantastic views of the Gardens and Castle, those with vertigo should stear clear.


Finally, the one constant in all of those buildings mentioned above is that all the doors are made from solid wood, just like the Bespoke Doors with Glass and the Bespoke Panel doors at


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