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External Hardwood Doors, New Styles

Just some of the new hardwood external doors we have on offer and most of which include the glass pre-installed.

Malton Exterior Hardwood Door, Dowel Joints & Obscure Single Glazing  Malton Exterior Hardwood Door, Mortice Joints & Obscure Single Glazing  Malton Door, Exterior Hardwood & Dowel Jointed, Obscure Double Glazing Malton Door Exterior Hardwood, Mortice Jointed, Obscure Double Glazing

Shown above are our Hardwood Malton external doors but each door has different joints such as Dowel or traditional Mortice & Tenon joints and then just to add some confusion they can also have single or double glazing, click each door to clarify what's on offer.

                                      Stable 1 Light Hardwood Door with Dowel Joints and Single Clear Glass    Stable 1 Light Hardwood Door with Dowel Joints, Fit Your Own Glass 

                                          With Glass Fitted      OR      Without Glass

We have also added the Hardwood Stable 1 Light with glass and also without glass to allow you to fit your own glass type, both shown above.

                                   2XG Door, Exterior Hardwood & Dowel Jointed with Clear Double Glazing      2XG Door, Exterior Hardwood, Mortice Jointed with Clear Double Glazing

                                     2XG hardwood door          2XG hardwood door                                                                            with single glazing             with double glazing

The images above are for the ever popular 2XG type hardwood door with a choice of single or double glazing, all ideal for rear door locations.


                              Carolina Hardwood Door with Dowel Joints and Single Clear Glass                  Carolina Hardwood Door with Mortice Joints and Single Clear Glass

                         Carolina with dowel joints          Carolina with mortice joints

Lastly, above is our ever popular Carolina Hardwood Door with Clear Glass and either dowel joints or Mortice & Tenon joints.

Lots more choice and infinitely more vibrant doors in numerous sizes, making the choice to suit you has never been easier.

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