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Doors UK, those two words state what we do..... supplying doors to all parts of the UK with the usual free delivery service to the UK mainland.


                                 Free delivery UK mainland (all islands £50 + VAT)

                                                Doors UK

We feel that all our customers should be able to easily negotiate this massive range of doors with ease and also without confusion, we guarantee that our doors, door frames and door furniture are set out in such a way as to allow you to browse with confidence, but.............

If you want to call us and speak to a "real person" and not a machine? call 01968 671681 during our opening hours, easy and approachable "human" help with practical knowledge!

                        Image of Contemporary 3L/1P Door with Sandblasted Safety Glass incorporating Clear Lines

                                          Internal Doors

Our careful selection of top quality External doors and Internal doors is based on the solid principle that the quality of each door must be absolutely paramount while the availability and price are a close second.

The emphasis throughout the site is to offer customers detailed information based on our extensive experience and knowledge of installing doors and all types of door furniture for more than 30 years.

                           Image of Prefinished Westminster Oak Door & Frame Set, Decorative Double Glazing

                                             External Doors

If you can’t find the perfect doors on our site we have the expertise and ability to advise you on how to adapt the dimensions of many of our existing models or locate alternative options for you.

Doors UK, that's what we are and that's what we do.......anywhere!

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