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Deanta Unfinished Oak Doors

The most versatile of range of styles and sizes are now available for our Deanta unfinished oak doors, a range of doors created with your home in mind, our Deanta doors have several unique features and in order to clarify these we have listed them in simple bullet points below.


These Deanta unfinished oak doors have been real favourites in UK homes for years. Manufactured from North American white oak, it is the crown cut oak veneer that really brings these doors to life and I have great pleasure in explaining  more about crown cut veneers below. Most of these doors are available either prefinished or unfinished.


 Real American white oak veneer

 Crown cut veneer

 32mm can be taken off the width and height of the door

 Solid core

 Unfinished or Prefinished

 Covered by the Deanta 10 year warranty

 FSC® certified

 Fire door option available

 Bespoke sizes available

The range encompasses everything that is good about real crown cut oak veneers when allied to British craftmanship and sound manufacturing techniques, the build quality of a Deanta unfinished oak door is key........... pardon the pun, no corners are cut and any purchase you decide to make in relation to a Deanta oak door will be rewarded with years of pleasure, there will be a size to suit almost every occassion but in order to calrify this we have listed the sizes below.


 1981 x 457 x 35mm

 1981 x 533 x 35mm

 1981 x 610 x 35mm

 1981 x 686 x 35mm

 1981 x 762 x 35mm

 1981 x 838 x 35mm

 2032 x 813 x 35mm

 2040 x 626 x 40mm

 2040 x 726 x 40mm

 2040 x 826 x 40mm

 2040 x 926 x 40mm

Crown cut veneers,  Quarter cut veneers, Book matched veneers and open grain explained:

The main two methods in creating crown cut veneers is something that has been used since the beginning of oak door and furniture manufacturing, the splitting of decorative oak veneers is an art and one for the experienced machine man to carry out, the difference is the way the flitch (raw timber baton) is placed in the cutter/saw.

Crown cut is when the oak veneer is cut parallel to the growth rings.

Quarter cut oak veneer is when the timber is cut at right angles to the growth rings, this results in a straight line pattern. 

Book matching veneers is when you take the cut veneers and lay the cut veneers from the same source wood side by side to create a match in say a pair of doors.

Open grain oak veneers are the result of a selection process, "open grain" produces veneers with more pattern and a "feel" of the grain rather than a totally smooth feel, the open or closed grain is due to the pores within the chosen veneer, this is once again possible only by using trained personnel to select and grade the veneers that best suit the Deanta oak doors which we offer.