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Constructionline launches 2013 'Meet the Buyer' programme

Constructionline launches 2013 'Meet the Buyer' programme

January 2013

Constructionline has launched its programme of Meet the Buyer events for 2013 after more than 2,000 trade contractors met with potential clients last year.

Eight events in 2012 led to a host of new wins with main contractors for specialists.

Flooring specialist Oracle joined Vinci’s supply chain following a Constructionline event.

Director Simon Taylor said: “This was our first event with Constructionline and we were pleased to find that a lot of the buyers attending were big players in the industry.

“Instead of usual situations where you have a two minute appointment to try and pitch your company, the day had a much more relaxed atmosphere.

“We could move from buyer to buyer, discussing potential opportunities to join their supply chain list – an opportunity we wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

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