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Coming Soon: Thruslide Sliding Doors have another fantastic new range of doors heading your way soon: Thruslide Sliding doors, a compilation of many of our most popular modern and traditional doors presented in an innovative sliding bypass package.


Using our two-door setup as an example, the Thruslide Sliding assembly features two parallel track-mounted doors that are able to slide effortlessly past one another within the frame. The track system is located above the door, hidden from view by two pelmet facings.

As with all of our double-door opening solutions, we have more than a few door styles that work fantastically as pairs - the Palermo White Primed Glazed door style (top left image) is a perfect example of a door whose design is perfect in for symmtrical arrangement. 


We also have 3 and 4 door setups lined up for release in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to learn more on how each of these systems can be integrated into your home's interior design.

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