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Buying internal doors


A quick guide to buying internal doors and money saving tips.

Our many years of installing internal doors and numerous meetings with customers has lead us to believe that customers will choose a door based on quality and style rather than price.

We always tried to guide customers through the buying process by thinking firstly about what they intend to do with decoration, why buy oak doors or mahogany doors if you intend to paint them, to do so would be a waste of your money as there is virtually nothing to be gained......unless the door is only available in a style of door within either the oak, mahogany or pine door categories.

The internal doors made in timber are likely to be more sound proof than hollow doors but most hollow doors arwe in the white primed doors within the site and are therefore easily identified

Although some internal doors may be hollow we can guarantee the construction is very sound, hollow doors may only have a small frame and a dedicated hinge side but they have never let down any of our customers, great value and style for a low cost.

Why not consider using our "Bulk Prices" section to save money or use our "Bargain Doors" section to grab a deal.

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Take a look at our easy print, measuring doors pdf below.