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10 Exterior Door Colours

When it comes to making a change to your home's exterior, a new front door can have a dramatic effect on the first impression it gives to visitors. As well as considering what style of door to choose, colour choice is also an extremely important part of the selection process and should not be overlooked. If have found yourself struggling to decide is here to help provide you with inspiration and ideas for your own home's exterior.

Before proceeding with transforming your home's doorway it's often worth considering the purpose you wish your entrance to fulfill. Choosing a bright and vibrant colour can really make your home stand out and catch the eyes of passers-by, whereas a more subtle colour will not make quite as bold a statement. Used carefully, colour can really help unify the style and design of your entire home; your front door can even be seen as a means to reflect your personality and give visitors an idea of what to expect when crossing the threshold.

At the end of the day it's all down to personal preference really, but these are just some of the points that should be considered before making a change to your home's front door. In this article we will present some of the choices that we have to offer, whilst providing some inspiration and ideas for your own home improvement projects.

exterior-door-colours     exterior-door-colours

Pictured above: Carsington Express in Anthracite Grey and Virtuoso Chilton One in Red

For those who are a little uncertain about bestowing a bright and vibrant colour upon their entrance, the neautrality of grey can be a safe choice. While some may see grey as being gloomy and dull, it is also typically associated with sophistication and wisdom. The Carsington Express in Anthracite Grey radiates class and sophistication. There is no denying that grey is gaining popularity within interior and exterior design alike.

Red on the other hand is a vibrant, energetic colour and is a popular way to add interest to a neutral exterior. Associated with passion, love and desire, adding red to your home is certain to grab attention. In China, red is considered a lucky or sacred colour and is believed to invite good luck and happiness. Our Virtuoso Chilton One gives a good indication of the level of impact a red front door can have on a home's exterior.

exterior-door-colours     exterior-door-colours

Pictured above: Como ZY Glazed in White and Delio Z3 Glazed in Olive

If a calmer, more serene colour is required for your home's exterior, then you can't really go wrong with white.  A white front door can give off a feeling of positivity and looks fantastic when paired with a brightly coloured exterior; like our ComoZY Glazed, a white door surrounded by orange brickwork is a fantastic way to catch the eye and show off your home's entrance.

Olive green is a front door colour that is gaining in  popularity amongst homeowners. Representing peace, an olive green door is a great way to present a calming exterior. It isn't always necessary to feature high-contrast in your home's exterior design, so why not embrace the greenery and surround your doorway with plants and trees to support and enhance the calm of your home's entrance, as in the example of our Delio Z3 Glazed.

exterior-door-colours     exterior-door-colours

Pictured above: Delio Z3 Belice in Plum and Suffolk Composite in Blue

When considering colours for your front door, plum might not be the first to spring to mind but is a pleasant alternative to conventional colours and works particularly well in a number of situations. Using unusual colours is sure to get a response from viewers - when implemented well this will produce fantastic results and have visitors praising you for your creativity. In the case of this plum Delio Z3, the bold plum colour is balanced by the warm colour of the walls, resulting in a warm and inviting entrance.

In a highly detailed and pale exterior, a dark coloured front door can provide the right amount of contrast to draw attention. Blue is a classic colour and is ideal for this purpose, looking even more impressive when featuring chrome or brass accessories as accents. Our Suffolk Composite door with it's subtle details looks magnificent in blue and is guaranteed to produce fantastic results when paired with a pale exterior.

exterior-door-colours     exterior-door-colours

Pictured above: Virtuoso Carlton in Black and GRP Oak Mexicano

Elegant and classy, black doors with contrasting trim are hard to ignore, drawing the eye in an instant. Our Virtuoso Carlton is a prime example of a traditional doorway done well. With gold or silver accessories providing sharp contrast, a stylish black door is ideal for presenting a classically styled and sophisticated home. For added impact, place a black door within a pale coloured exterior for an instant high-contrast focal point and watch heads turn.

For a more natural looking exterior you can't go wrong with an oak door. Comparatively subtle compared to some of our other choices within this article, oak can be used to great effect in a home's exterior. On a pale exterior and surrounded by greenery, a light oak entrance will exude hospitality and charity, resulting in a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and guests. The warmth of oak is undeniable and will put a smile on your guests faces.

exterior-door-colours     exterior-door-colours

Pictured above: Hereford Composite Glazed in Grey and GRP Malton Glazed in Green and White

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