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Ledge and Brace Doors

Attractive Solid Ledge and  Brace Doors and Frame Ledge and Brace doors, all made with kiln dried Redwood. Four external door styles including an arched gate to complete the garden project and then numerous interior styles to help create the "Cottage" look.


There are currently four types of exterior Ledge and Brace doors but our customers have been using them within the home in order to obtain a "rustic" feel, this type of door can have two (not so obvious) main differences...........

  • Ledge and Brace doors have ledges (cross rail timbers) and bracers (angled timbers) between the ledges and set at roughly  45 degrees to prevent the door from dropping over its life span and then fitted with lining boards or (vertical) panels to one side only, a slightly less expensive door than the FLB door below
  • Frame Ledge and Brace (FLB) doors have a similar system (set up) but the frame is surrounding the lining boards (vertical) panels at the side and the top, although slightly more expensive it is more suited to having a lock fitted.

There are also doors within our range specifically for interior use, these ledge and brace doors are mainly available in oak and occassionally in pine and reside under names such as Suffolk or Mexicano (don't ask why) and have the vertical lining panels on both sides, the core on these doors is a composite construction to give improved soundproofing and stability, good quality and available fully decorated or ready for you to do so.

The final ledge and brace type doors available as I write are the JB Kind Thames style door, this is available in two types, subtle lining differences but essentially the same door, lastly........ the JB Kind River Oak Tay ledge and brace style door, a classic take on this type of ledge and brace door with false "oak pins" just to emphasise the doors style and quality.