Pattern 10 Full Panel White Primed Door Pair

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This internal Shaker 1 Panel White Primed Door Pair is supplied already to be painted with a finish of your choice.

The Shaker 1 Pane white primed solid core smooth door pair is a very modern contemporary look that would compliment any home.

We deliver this door free to anywhere within the mainland UK!

The door pairs can be fitted with or without the extra "pairmaker" planted rebate for site fixing, using the pairmaker adds 10mm to the "tight" sizes listed and not using it means that the doors will just "butt" together where they meet, the doors can open away or towards you and with the left or the right hand as the slave door, this "pairmaker" item may need cut to height and is supplied without decoration, the three 40mm thick sizes will require an oak pairmaker component if you decide to use this option.

Sizes are 1066mm, 1220mm, 1372mm, 1524mm, and 1676mm for the 35mm thick doors also 1452mm and 1652mm for the 40mm thick doors, a great door pair at a great price.  

Fitting instructions - Standard Doors PDF  Fitting Instructions - Metric Doors PDF 


Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
Construction Solid core such as MDf or similar.
Price The price quoted is for the pair of doors with the glass fitted but does not include the pairmaker.
Size The sizes listed are "tight" and for the overall pair without the additional pairmaker.
Thickness 35mm
Guarantee 12 months

1Size (Required)

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1981x1066x35mm (WPP1021-2-WHITEPM) RRP: £346.18 £307.72
1981x1220x35mm (WPP1024-2-WHITEPM) RRP: £346.18 £307.72
1981x1372x35mm (WPP1027-2-WHITEPM) RRP: £346.18 £307.72
1981x1524x35mm (WPP1030-2-WHITEPM) RRP: £346.18 £307.72
1981x1676x35mm (WPP1033-2-WHITEPM) RRP: £346.18 £307.72
2040x1452x40mm (WPP10726-2-OAKPMMET) RRP: £364.00 £323.56
2040x1652x40mm (WPP10826-2-OAKPMMET) RRP: £364.00 £323.56
+  £0.00

2Pairmaker Rebate Component (Optional)

No pairmaker rebate component selected yet.

+  £0.00

Pairmaker component to form a rebated door pair, adds 10mm to the quoted door sizes.

3Handles (Optional)

No handles selected yet.

+  £0.00

4Hinges (Optional)

No hinges selected yet.

+  £0.00

5Latches/Locks/Bolts (Optional)

No latches/locks/bolts selected yet.

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6Fittings (Optional)

No fittings selected yet.

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