Eco Colour Parelo White Flush Door, Black Grooved, Pre-finished

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This Eco Parelo White Flush door with timber graining effect and black design grooves has a cellular core and is the latest addition to our range. This Eco Flush door is a fully finished painted door that is genuinely difficult to tell apart from a true timber flush door, a truly lovely door.

All Eco Parelo White Doors are delivered for free to anywhere with the mainland UK!

See a full range of handles here and other door fittings here.

The smaller 610mm and 686mm sizes are available below.

JB Kind Eco Colour Door Information

Supplier Delivery Timescale Delivery; 48 - 72 Hours and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
Construction Standard core is the base level core consisting of a frame (usually pine) with honeycomb infill and moulded panel or MDF sheet on the outside.
Thickness 35mm as shown below.
Guarantee 12 months

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1981x838x35mm (ECPAR29) RRP: £267.05 £237.38
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