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Top Colours for Autumn 2016

The king of tones for the next couple of months is going to be Riverside - Pantone 17-4028 TCX - it is a cool yet strong blue, finding its way between navy blue and cobalt with a matt touch to it.

The partner colour and the second big hit of autumn 2016 is the Airy Blue - Pantone 14-4122 TCX light, sweet and slightly listless.

And there is my favourite Sharkskin - Pantone 17-3914 TCT - warm but heavy and cloudy grey - one of those eternally fashionable shades.

To make it a bit more vivid, but to keep the dimmed palette, think of hues of Flax and all dusty colours mayby burgundy or sand. Just bear in mind  to use them carefully. Remember it is more a touch than a statement. More a Renoir then a Picasso.

colour trends

These colours above will appear everywhere around you pretty soon evoking particular feelings. Feelings  of the world of our grandparents with its lack of overwhelming vivid colours, without billboards and adverts all around you. The world of well used cloths of our ancestors very often faded. The world where lights were never bright enough.  The secure world of well-known neighbours and easily predictable enemies. The world of a peaceful life and clear rules and hierarchy. The world of dreams washed out in colours of hand-painted old movies.

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