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Thruslide Sliding Doors... One Year On

It's been nearly a year now since first unveiled its exclusive range of Thruslide Sliding Doors. In this article we'll take a quick look at how the collection has grown and evolved into what it is today.

Beginning life as a humble range of sliding doors, this year has seen a surge in popularity for the innovative sliding door system. As a result, the Thruslide Sliding Doors collection has increased in size to meet customer demands, with many new door styles, finishes and designs being added to the range on a regular basis.

The evolution of the Thruslide range has seen several new sliding door setups come into play over the past few months, including: Thruslide Surface Sliding DoorsThruslide Traditional Sliding Doors and Thruslide Sliding Wardrobe Doors. Each of these collections feature a great range of door styles to choose from, with a number of different door configurations available to suit a broad spectrum of interior homes. As with many of our most popular products, Bespoke options of our sliding doors are also available for homes with unusual door dimensions.

The doors featured within this article are just a teaser of what we have to offer at so be sure to browse our collection and see for yourself how Thruslide Sliding Doors can complement your home. Keep up to date with our blog posts to be kept in the loop as and when the Thruslide range continues to expand.

For further information on the doors you have seen within this article, please visit any of the products and links to learn more. If you have any questions, you can easily contact us via (or call us on 01968 671 681) and we will be happy to help.


Pictured above: Thruslide Verona Oak with Obscure Glass and Thruslide Worcester Oak with Clear Glass


Pictured above: Thruslide Shaker Oak and Thruslide Worcester Oak


Pictured above: Thruslide Pattern 10 White Primed and Thruslide Coventry White Primed with Clear Glass


Pictured above: Thruslide Alcaraz Walnut with Frosted Glass and Thruslide Portici Walnut


Pictured above: Thruslide Traditional Louis Oak, Prefinished and Thruslide Traditional Lincoln with Clear Glass


Pictured above: Thruslide Surface Piacenza Oak and Thruslide Surface Tigris Walnut


Pictured above: Bespoke Thruslide Apollo Chocolate Grey and Bespoke Thruslide Suffolk Oak, Prefinished


Pictured above: Thruslide Wardrobe Portici White and Thruslide Wardrobe Pattern 10 Oak

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