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Rebated wooden doors explained

Rebating, an explanation of what a rebate is on double doors and the different forms it can take.

Rebating, the word "rebate" in joinery terms relates to allowing the two doors to overlap where the meeting rails of the doors join when closed.

Machining a rebate is when half the "thickness" of the door is channelled out (for want of a better description) to allow the doors to interlock by 12mm.

You can also choose to add the rebate if you have the correct space within your frame where the doors will be fitted, and lastly you can get a "pairmaker" from our Joinery section within this site and add this to the doors where they will meet in the middle.



Standard door pair sizes are quoted as overall size when the doors are placed together, if you buy two standard doors and then rebate them the overall size will be the combined with of the two doors less 12mm.

If you decide to add the rebate the overall size of the two standard doors will be increased by 12mm, the same applies if you add a "Pairmaker" from the site.

the mention fo a 12mm rebate is due to the fact that most locks and latches for wooden double doors are made to suit a 12mm rebate.

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