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Leaving Deliveries in a Safe Place

At Direct Doors we always like to listen to customer feedback on ways we could improve our service and make life easier for the end-user.

One detail that had been brought up was that customers would prefer items to be left in a safe place when the delivery was being made, especially on deliveries with multiple items.

This has been especially prevelant during these times with the worries of the Corona Virus and face to face contact with many working from home.

Now on our Thrufold, Thruslide and internal Thruframe's there is the option for the delivery to be left in a safe place of your choosing. 

Choice of delivery places to leave safe.

Once selected, any frame or track mechanism will be left in the safe place of your choice to ensure the easiest delivery possible.

To put this to the test, we wrapped one of our internal Thruframes as usual and left it outside for 4 days during Storm Dennis to put our packing to the test, you can see the results below.