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Griffwerk - wall mounted sliding door systems


Germany is famed for its consistently high engineering and design standards without compromise but now wall mounted glass door systems can be coupled with our own glass designs or indeed with something that you have designed.

Griffwerk was founded in Germany in 1999 and directly employs 100+ employees, they consider and build success using innovative design and strong customer focused orientation with stunning products for their customers, as well as effective sales and marketing concepts.



Just as you would expect from, service is also of the utmost importance for Griffwerk, together with unusual products, strong team spirit, commitment and happiness in our work as well as enthusiasm and a keen eye for interior design and architecture, this is the power of the brand that is GRIFFWERK.

We offer 2 metre fittings for single doors and 4 metre for double doors, but more than this, we can offer glass with your company ethos printed on it or maybe "Poo" bear for the kid’s rooms - virtually anything can be created.



Our Planeo 60 Pro system is simply stunning and stunningly simple, hidden tracks with a modern "pelmet" giving simple, elegant and stylish finishes where you require them, renovation can do a lot, new windows aren't the only answer. Transparent glass doors will divert daylight much better, a clever solution that will be a true head turner in creating the ambience that your home deserves using our own in-house glass designs.



The R8 system is a very popular very modern system based on traditional ideas and where you like to see the "engineering" in all its glory, a wall mounted system that oozes quality and lets you show of the room to its best, traditional but yet allowing modern items such as "soft close" to allow for that lack of effort when closing.

All our Griffwerk systems are designed to create a stylish finish for your home while saving the most precious of commodity - space! We all want what our systems offer, quality, style, space and individuality, our in-house designed glass does exactly that, it offers a quality product for your home.

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