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Double Doors and Folding Doors - DIY Tip 5

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Double Doors as room dividers, for examples of some external double and folding doors, if ever you are going to fall out with your partner it will be over this, the argument over whether to save space, build a partition wall, fit a pair of double doors, room dividers, Bi-fold doors or save your relationship and leave all well alone.


Double Doors or room dividers, as they are very good when you consider that in most cases they can be folded back and allow you full access when entertaining, the only advice we can offer is to decide what the ideal size of your double doors will be in order to get the best access without reducing the free space that you need for furniture and your own living space.




All internal double doors are in our opinion the best way to close off one room from another and depending on the aperture or space within the wall that you have to work with they may well require a side screen to the left, the right or both sides of the double doors.


We can manufacture double doors to give you just what you require, it does not matter to us whether the house is smaller modern house or a large mansion, we can supply, alter, design and manufacture whatever type of double doors are required.


There are many different types of double doors on the market, they are available as Oak double doors and Mahogany double doors, you can also source interior Bi-fold double doors on our web site, they are however more suited to single door passageways.


The frames for double doors can be adjusted to suit varying thicknesses of walls by adding 'Ingoes', these are timber/wooden plates that are cut to suit the wall thickness less the frame thickness, for example if you have a wall that is 200mm thick and the double doors frame you have chosen is 110mm then you would require a 90mm ingoe or arrange for a plasterer to finish the returning wall as required.


The benefit of double doors is that they are ideal for helping to pevent heat loss and for cutting down the noise of your fridge or washing machine travelling through to your sitting room if you have an open plan kitchen / sitting / dining room.


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