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Doors of the World: Almodovar Castle, Spain

This fantastic historical door can be found in the castle of Almodovar del Rio, a short drive from the city of Córdoba, Spain. The castle itself is a stronghold of Muslim origin in the town of Almodovar del Rio, Province of Cordoba (Andalusia). Previous to this it had been a Roman fort. The building currently has a definite Berber origin, making it from the year 760, when the Moors ruled this corner of Europe. During the middle ages it underwent several renovations and reconstructions.

The castle is noted for it's recent appearance in the hit TV show, Game of Thrones, where it featured as the ancestral home of House Tyrell. This is just one of the show's many incredible filming locations that should be visited by fans.

The castle is easily spotted from a distance, standing tall upon the hill. It is a beautifully maintained and restored historical castle and features a fantastic walk from the bottom of the hill, up a winding path to the castle doors, allowing travellers a full 360° view of the town. The castle itself is not huge, but is open to the public, allowing visitors to explore its towers, dungeons and battlements, and peruse its collection of weapons.

castle-door               castle-door

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