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Dale Doors - Huge Colour Choice

Did you know that in addition to an already popular colour palette, our new Dale doors and windows are available in ANY colour from the well-known RAL Classic range?

That means a further 210 shades for you to choose from.  That’s right. Two hundred and ten different possibilities!


This is ideal if you need a specific shade and factory-quality spray finish without all the hassle of brush painting. You can forget that nightmare of picking paint-brush bristles from the tacky surface of your door at 11pm again.

Factory applied water-based 'micro-porous' paint or wood stain is sprayed on for a smooth finish, and multiple coats ensure a timber perfectly protected from the elements. Such thorough weatherproofing is achieved that minimal maintenance is needed to guarantee the lifetime of the timber windows and doors, redecoration is easy; no sanding, just a thorough clean and one coat of paint.

                                                   High Performance Fully Finished Contemporary Entrance Doors & Frames                                             

                                                  High Performance Fully Finished Optimal Entrance Doors & Frames

The versatility of these fully customisable products is one of their strengths. Take the Orford door and frame set for example. Not only can you get this door factory finished in your perfect colour. You could have it as narrow as 663mm wide and as tall as 2400mm high. You can specify the hinge side, whether it opens out or in, whether you want side lights or top lights, the size of these individual panes, the glass design, the glass type, whether you want astragal bars or not, the cill type, the cill detail, the cill width, the cill timber species, whether you need cill horns or not, whether you want a head drip or not, whether you want trickle vents or not, the door handle type, whether you want a door knocker or not, whether you want a letterbox or not, a security chain, a spyhole, a cat flap, the threshold colour, thumb turn cylinder, additional keys, door restrictor arms…

The list literally goes on and on and this is for just one of the doors!