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Buying and Fitting Handles and Hinges - DIY Tip 10

As with all things in the home your choice of door fittings is important in order to give the best impression, our door fittings can certainly do that.          


Door handles

Ball type door handles are only fitted to doors with a middle rail such as the panel doors or doors with half glass which will then allow you to fit a longer latch (95mm), this will in turn allow your door handle to be as far away from the door edge as possible, if you use the smaller latches (65 or 75mm) with ball type door handles you run the risk of catching the back of your hand when closing the door.




Door locks & latches

We offer enhanced Yale type door locks which is known as the Yale No1 which are locking dead door latches and has the facility to be 'Key' locked on the inside, regardless of how good these locking dead door latches are we always recommend that you have fit 5 lever mortice dead locks that comply with BS3621 which in turn complies with your insurance requirements.  

See all types of locks and latches.




Door Hinges

The door hinge range available is huge, we can supply Aluminium door hinges, Stainless Steel door hinges , Chrome Plated door hinges, Polished Brass door hinges, Electro plated door hinges, Nickel Plated door hinges, Steel door hinges, Sheradized door hinges, Solid Drawn Brass door hinges and Black door hinges, If you need something other than these types, Just ask!


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