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Bi-Fold and Folding Doors - All You Need to Know!

Folding doors have been used in various forms in different cultures and historical periods for centuries. The concept of Bifolding and folding doors can be traced back over 2000 years. For example, in ancient Roman times (around 7th century BC) they were used in villas and public buildings as a way to divide large spaces or to provide access to outdoor areas. In medieval Europe, folding doors were used in castles and monasteries as a means of separating different rooms and spaces; much like there modern design today. 

Bi-fold doors, which are also known as 'cupboard doors', have since become a popular choice for creating open, flowing spaces between rooms. This is because they fold neatly to one side when fully open, reducing the amount of swing space required compared to traditional hinged doors. With their sleek and tidy design, bi-fold doors are the perfect solution for anyone looking to maximize the space in their home.

How do Bifolding & folding doors work?

A modern internal bi-fold door, consisting of two halves, is attached to the frame jamb of an opening using several pieces of hardware. On this jamb side, from top to bottom, you will typically have:

  • The top track which is fixed to your wooden door frame
  • A pivot socket which is fixed into the top track
  • A pivot plate fixed to the top of the door on one side and which houses the pivot socket
  • The jamb-half of the bi-fold door
  • Another pivot plate fixed to the bottom of the door
  • A floor bracket which is fixed to the floor and will house the bottom pivot plate.

(Please note that some bi-fold hardware kits will vary slightly from the above list depending on the make and model)                                 

What do I need to know about fitting a Bifold door?

When fitting a bi-fold door and kit it is critical that the above jamb-side hardware is fitted and pivots on the same vertical axis or the door will be misaligned. If these components are not aligned correctly, the door may become misaligned and fail to function properly. This alignment is critical to the proper operation of a bi-fold door.

It is important to understand the proper placement of hinges when installing a bi-fold door. Hinges connect the two halves of the bi-fold door together, but they do not connect the door to the frame. This is a common misunderstanding and it is important to ensure that the hinges are properly placed so that the door functions smoothly and efficiently.

The leading-half of the bi-fold door is equipped with a locking arm and a track-hanger, which is typically equipped with small wheels, to allow it to roll or slide along the top track. Some bi-fold hardware may also include a guide channel and a bottom bracket on the leading-half

It's important to note that the actual door-halves may appear smaller than expected due to the fact that the height and width of the door takes into account the space needed for the top track, pivot clearance, and other ironmongery components. It's not uncommon for customers to mistakenly believe that their bi-fold door is too short, but this is simply not the case.

What are some good tips when choosing hardware for Bifold doors?

We do recommend that you use a flush-fitting handle with your bi-fold doors to ensure that the leading-half folds back flush and on top of the jamb-half. Avoid using an elaborate lever handle as it may obstruct the door's movement due to its protrusion

If you're using bi-fold doors as double doors in a single opening, a simple wooden plate may need to be attached to one door to cover the gap between the doors when they are closed. This gap is caused by the top track being slightly wider than the door halves and the clearances required for proper operation.

Multifold doors

Multifold doors operate in a similar manner to bi-fold doors and trifold doors, making them a great option for creating a more open and expansive living area by merging two smaller rooms into one larger space. Unlike bi-fold doors, multifold doors have tracks on both the top and bottom, allowing them to fold smoothly and precisely into place when fully opened. These doors serve the same purpose as Room Divider Doors.

External & Patio Folding Doors

Folding patio doors, also known as sliding-folding doors or bi-folding patio doors, are a type of door that are used to open up the interior of a home to the exterior. These doors are typically made up of a series of panels that are hinged together, and they can be folded or unfolded to create an open or closed doorway. When the doors are open, they can be folded back to one side to create a large, open doorway that provides access to the outdoors.

Designed with a minimalist aesthetic that provides a sleek, modern look, they come in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes to match any home decor. Whether you are looking to create a more open, inviting atmosphere in your home or simply want to enjoy the natural beauty of your outdoor space, folding patio doors are an excellent way to bring the outdoors into your home.

Be aware that external folding doors will have a higher bottom track and draught excluder.

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