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Badly fitted doors


My latest rambling was Inspired by reading a desperate post on a forum about a single lady being ripped off by a so called joiner fitting a door so badly for her that she is now out of pocket and with a door that is going to need to be renewed....again, it would have been so easy to obtain the correct albeit unusual door size and avoid these issues.

The lady explained over the phone what she required to a joiner she had never met, the joiner basically arrived with a door having never measured the opening and fitted it by cutting it down and exposing the core, he also decorated the door...not very well.

Virtually all internal doors are overveneered, they are perfectly stable and suited for their purpose, they also generally have a semi solid core, not hollow, all fine until someone doesn't know what they are doing, give us a call at for totally free advice beforehand and.......

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