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4 panel clear pine doors


Clear Pine is a soft wood, commonly used in the manufacture of doors and furniture, selected for very few or no knots and its consistent finish.

Radiata Pine is straight grained with a medium, even texture and no knots.

We offer many differing types of 4 panel clear pine doors, see the various links and descriptions set out below.

4 Panel Clear Pine Door

The most common 4 panel clear pine door is the "Victorian" style which has 2 top panels which run vertically and are longer than the bottom two panels, these panels are raised and Fielded (bevelled edges).


The other 4 panel pine doors that we offer are the...

Contemporary 4 Panel Clear Pine Solid Door

The above door has 4 equal sized panels that are fitted horizontally.

                             Image of Edwardian 4 Panel Vertical Grain Pine Solid Door

Edwardian 4 Panel Vertical Grain Pine Solid Door

The above door is similar to the Victorian door but has raised mouldings which have been fitted seperately to the panels to give the very original look of a door from that era.

4 Panel Radiata Pine Solid Door

This door is another one which although similar to the Victorian and the Edwardian has flat panels with small additional beading to keep the panels in-situ.

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