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10 Great New Door Ideas

2017 has been an exciting year for, with lots of exciting new products hitting our shelves throughout the year.  We've seen many of our newest additions quickly rise in popularity and we really hope to see some of them climbing our top ten lists in 2018.  

We make it our top priority to keep our customers updated and well-informed when it comes to new arrivals, so here's a quick recap of some of our favourites from the latter half of 2017, just in case you missed them.

ideas-for-the-home     ideas-for-the-home

Pictured above: Amsterdam 3 Panel Door and Asti White and Walnut Flush Door

The Amsterdam door is a beautiful, stylish option for those who would like something a little different to a natural wood or white door. Its stunning black finish adds a touch of luxury to a room, perfect for classy traditional and contemporary interior design themes. 

Another door that is perfect for contemporary settings, the Asti style white with walnut panel door is a prime example of how mixing and matching materials can produce fantastic results. This door is well suited to interiors that make use of contrasting materials to create bold design statements within the home.

ideas-for-the-home     ideas-for-the-home

Pictured above: Deanta Seville 4LS Glazed Door and Deanta Ely 5 Panes Glazed Door

The Ely and Seville glazed doors put a modern twist on conventional internal glazed door designs. The Seville's irregularly shaped panes make this door a perfect choice for those that enjoy a more contemporary, stylish approach to interior design, while the Ely's triangular panes look especially brilliant in a symmetrical double door setup.

ideas-for-the-home     ideas-for-the-home

Pictured above: Thruslide Messina Sliding Doors and Thrufold Palermo Folding Doors

This year we introduced our exclusive Thruslide Sliding Doors and Thrufold Folding Doors sets. Our folding and sliding door sets are ideal for a variety of opening sizes within the home and both feature a fantastic range of door styles to suit any interior style. Whether you require a 2, 3 or 4 door configuration (or up to 5 and 6 doors for folding doors), we have a solution for all your home design ideas. Each range includes a broad selection of traditional and contemporary door styles in a number of different finishes, ensuring you get the perfect match for your home.

ideas-for-the-home     ideas-for-the-home

Pictured above: Monza Oak "Choose Your Colour" Door and Ravenna Oak "Choose Your Colour" Glazed Door

We recently introduced our new Colour Choice Door Range, a selection of stunning, stylish internal doors available in up to 11 different colour options. This range was created with the intention of providing our customers with even more control over the interior design process.

This is an incredibly versatile range of doors, the variety of door styles and colours available means that there is a door to suit anything from traditional homes to stylish modern offices and anything in between.

The available colours include: Black, Anthracite Grey, Mushroom, Ivory, Duck Egg Blue and Fern Green. As well as this we are providing a range of Oak stains: Pale Oak, Light Oak, Clear Lacquer, Dark Oak and Jacobean Oak. 

ideas-for-the-home     ideas-for-the-home

Pictured above: Reims Diamond 5 Panel Door and Reims Glazed Room Divider

We recently added this stylishly beautiful contemporary door to our roster: the Reims Diamond panel door and it's glazed counterpart. Inspired by art deco, the Reims is elegant and classy with its sleak and clean design. It is as likely to be found in a classically designed contemporary home as it is in a sophisticated and stylish traditional household.

This door style is available as a double-door option, the design being perfect for symmetrical arrangements. We have also included the Reims in our Room Divider range where it could it be said it performs even more impressively, particularly its glazed version. The design works especially well in repetition and is fantastic at allowing the spread of natural light throughout your home.

That concludes our list of recent additions to the collection. We hope you've liked what you've seen here and that it's provided you with some inspiration and ideas for your own home's interior design.

We aim to provide you with as many ideas and up-to-date trends in interior design styles as possible, and this is the perfect place to hear all about new additions to the store as they happen, so stay tuned to our blog posts to ensure you get the latest news first.

If you have any questions or would like some extra info on any of our products please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via

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