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Handmade Eco-Urban® Leith 9 Panel Single Evokit Pocket Door DD6316 - Colour & Size Options

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6-7 Weeks

Solid Core

Self Assembly 3-4 hours

All pocket cassettes or pocket self assembly kits may be kerbside delivery only and not in to the home..... doors are delivered separately.

We deliver for free to most UK Mainland postcodes and in order to offer best value and safety we include the soft closer.

High-quality British made Industrial style pocket doors made from 40mm thick engineered sustainable solid laminated timber with the warmth that a real wood grained textured door can offer, better than a cold steel feel.

Note: Our glass and panel doors are beaded on one side only in relation to securely fixing the glass or panels to the door, please take care when fitting multiple doors to keep the beads consistently where they are visible in one room or a hallway.

Please use our sample request product should you want to be sure of the colours.

The doors you always wanted for your loft or warehouse conversion are now available.

All doors can slide open left or right, you decide when installing them, delivery will be from two separate suppliers. Read more


2060x1290mm Wide/1981x610mm Door (DD6316-610-PS1)


2060x1470mm Wide/1981x686mm Door (DD6316-686-PS1)


2060x1650mm Wide/1981x762mm Door (DD6316-762-PS1)


2060x1720mm Wide/1981x838mm Door (DD6316-838-PS1)


2120x1310mm Wide/2040x626mm Door (DD6316-626-PS1)


2120x1510mm Wide/2040x726mm Door (DD6316-726-PS1)


2120x1710mm Wide/2040x826mm Door (DD6316-826-PS1)


2120x1910mm Wide/2040x926mm Door (DD6316-926-PS1)




Note: Please choose either 100mm or 125mm Frame Jamb Width. If choosing 125mm then you must rotate the bracket 90 degrees to increase the thickness of the metal pocket cassette to suit at point of installation.


Note: Please choose your preferred colour option - the finish is Premium Primed and door(s) and frame need to be finished on site.



1 pair recommended per one door system.

All flush handles are sold separately and can be purchased at an additional cost.


Note: To clarify, this product is a bespoke item and cannot be cancelled or returned after the order has been placed. We cannot guarantee an exact colour match as the image is an artist’s interpretation of the door and by ticking this box you confirm you are happy to proceed with the order based on the information given and the timescale with it.

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Flush Pull Handle Pack (optional)

A range of flush pull handles perfect to match your sliding, folding or pocket doors.

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A router will be required for door(s) installation.

System operation viewed from above:

Our all new Interior Single Pocket Door Systems have free delivery as standard, these pocket doors come with full fitting instructions and the door system allows you to slide the door straight in to a cavity in a preformed wall aperture, the system incorporates a galvanised steel cassette section and a track set with all fittings, soft close is also included. The door may be supplied with full decoration but no decor is included to the cassette system parts or its frame, check each door as you browse for the exact details.

See our "Dimensions PDF" for all sizes but use as a guide only.

Email to receive a quote for any special sizes.

The idea is to build the pocket to the same thickness as the studwork - 75mm (3") or 100mm (4") - which are the two standard studwork sizes generally in use, so that you can directly continue the standard 12.5mm plasterboard over the pocket providing the finished wall thickness of either 100mm (4") or 125mm (5").

Further layers of plasterboard can be added to increase the overall wall thickness, but other joinery work may be required. The inner door cavity (where the door slides in to the cassette pocket) is therefore 54mm or 79mm.

Size limitations apply for the following items - Soft Close and Self Close - please refer to the individual accessory description.

The Easy stop AB twin dual soft closer/opener is included, all other accessories for pocket doors including flush door handles can be purchased separately.

Please Note: If the Self Closing Kit is purchased, we will not include the Easy stop AB twin dual soft closer/opener as the two are not compatible and cannot work together.

Doors will require a routered channel to be created in the bottom of each door to accommodate the supplied track guides.

The pocket door frame must be concealed with your own wall and architraves when installing.


The doors are premium primed and need to be finished on site - please refer to the "Door Finish" PDF in the PDFs section.

Eco-Urban Slimline Industrial Door Range: our own UK manufactured range of high-quality hand made interior doors to replace the Weekamp range we have now removed.

All doors from DirectDoors Bespoke Slimline range are 40mm thick, rail & stile breadths are 90mm, astragals are 34x40mm. All dimensions and thicknesses are +/- 2mm.

Please note, the 90mm rails require no more than a 50mm flush handle to be fitted.

All edges and cut-outs should be treated before final fitting, failure to treat bare timber may lead to excessive changes in moisture content which will cause timber to shrink or swell, possibly causing splits or distortion.

The beauty of the grain may be visible on some of the real wood door material.

Dimensions 40mm door (depending on choice and availability) and a frame section of 100mm or 125mm external dimensions/54mm or 79mm internal cassette cavity.
Notes The sizes listed above are for the overall door and pocket set which includes the metal pocket frame and Easy stop AB twin dual soft closer/opener but does not include any handles, architrave or plasterboard, all doors require a groove to be cut in the bottom for the track guide to fit.
Important All pocket door items are supplied in kit form, any glass is pre-installed in the door.
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service See delivery icon on top of the product page.
Assembly Self Assembly may take 3-4 hours
Construction See core icon on top of the product page.
Door Thickness 40mm
Panels within door If the paneled door is chosen, the panels will be 9mm thick moisture resistant MDF, recessed within the door thickness.
Glass Thickness Any glazing will be 4mm thick.
Door construction 40mm Thick Solid Core with Superior Primed Finish - Ready to Paint
Note Any internal dimensions for panels, lining or glass may vary depending on the door width you require.
Price The price quoted is for the door(s), pocket system frame, all track fittings and EasyStop AB soft closer/opener, but no handles, any glass shown is pre-installed in the doors.
Suggested Minimum Skill Level Advanced DIY & Specialist Joinery Tools Required.
Adjustment Doors will require a routered channel to be created in the bottom of the door to accommodate the track guide. All jamb kits are supplied to suit all pocket doors sizes and will therefore need cutting to height and width on site.

Total Price


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