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Pitch Pine Doors with fantastic traditional colour and grain

We have moved from a range of what were deemed high quality Pitch Pine Doors to Oak Doors available to you at low prices as they allow for a better finish, on top of this, the colour can be adjusted lighter and darker with ease when decorating, delivery is free to all areas within the mainland UK!

pitch pine doors

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Pitch Pine doors were a great choice if you were looking for a sturdy, long lasting and authentic door to fit in your home with their traditional look and were very beautiful but the availability was inconsistent with customer requirements, the oak doors in equivalent styles allow for a higher polished finish that is easily achievable when treated with wax or varnish.

Pitch Pine doors were generally light to mid-range in colour and most were supplied with a variation of grain as is normal for this type of timber, their oak equivalents are just better all round, they can be waxed or stained to a finish of your choice and you should bear in mind that it is best not to wax the inside of any that are fitted to a bathroom.

All of our pitch pine doors were made from solid sections of timber.  This type of construction is almost unheard of nowadays as most interior doors including oak doors are over veneered on solid timber. 

If you have found a style that is not on our website that we may be able to source it for you, or if you need help, please contact us at or on +44 (0)1968 671 681. We are here to help!

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