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New JELD-WEN Doors Collection

JELD-WEN doors have been producing affordable high quality doors since 1960 and DirectDoors are happy to introduce our customers to JELD-WEN internal, external and garage doors.

With a truly wide choice of styles and design JELD-WEN doors have something for everyone. (Product shown is Atherton Clear Glazed Door - Primed) 

Internal Doors

JELD-WEN internal doors are a great choice for those looking to strike a perfect balance between good quality, beautiful design and affordable price. Whether you are looking for a single, double, sliding, folding, glazed or panel doors, JELD-WEN boasts a truly impressive range in every contemporary or traditional style for a price that doesn't bite. (Product shown is the Arlington Smooth White Door- Primed)

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External Doors

Cheap, reliable and stylish JELD-WEN external front and back doors are a perfect choice for those who desire quality stylish solid-core external doors without stretching their budget. The doors are available in a variety of finishes, ranging from time tested oak and redwood to fashionable white and grey. (Product shown is the Hemlock Glazed 1 Panel Door-Pair)

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Garage Doors

Besides internal and external doors for the home, the JELD-WEN door range also offers beautiful redwood garage door pairs as well as matching redwood timber garage door frames. Garage doors come glazed or in panel form. (Product shown is the Redwood Glazed Garage Door -Pair)

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Folding Doors

Folding doors from JELD-WEN are a perfect choice for those who wish to save space in their home or limit the entrance to and from one part of the home to another. More still, folding doors allow for increased flexibility, all available in bi-fold or multi-fold shapes and styles, making them a great fit for small or wide spaces. (Product shown is the Aston Glazed 3 Fold Door)

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Double Doors

Besides the great variety of single doors from the JELD-WEN range will also present an equally versatile range of double internal and French doors. Perfect for indoors and as patio entrances, doors from this range are sold in many finishes and glazing types and are at the pinnacle of contemporary design. (Product shown is the 2 Panel Deco Glass Door - Primed)

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Sliding Doors

Contemporary sliding door design paired with a traditional barn style gives JELD-WEN sliding doors a unique look that are bound to enrich the style of any home. Sold in oak or white finish the doors are not only easy to install but also to customise according to individual tastes, making them the top choice for those who love to stand out. (Product shown is the Cottage Oak Sliding Door)

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Wooden Doors

A wood door has remained one of the most fashionable and time-tested interior design trends both for interior and exterior use. These doors are available as they usual in many different designs, styles and glazing options, wooden doors can find their place both in traditional and modern homes, with oak doors proving particularly popular among customers of all tastes. (Product shown is the Cottage Interior Door)

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White Doors

Sometimes genius is simplicity and clear white doors will not look out of place in almost any room, from a bedroom to a kitchen. Classic, glazed and panel designs also lend themselves to be painted or otherwise customised, making them simultaneously the most universal and the most flexible choice for homeowners. (Product shown is the Oakfield Woodgrain Door - Primed)

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Glazed Doors

JELD-WEN glazed interior and exterior doors come in a variety of glazing options such as clear and frosted glass, as well as designer glass doors adorned with modern, stylish designs. More still, our customers can now match their garage doors to their exterior doors with the unique obscure glass used in the glazed Redwood garage doors. (Product shown is the Shaker 4 Light Clear Glazed Oak Door)

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Panel Doors

The JELD-WEN doors range has an unprecedented variety of panel doors in all styles, colour options and finishes. From sturdy oak doors to space saving folding and sliding doors, everyone will find a perfect internal, external or garage door to suit their home. (Product shown is the Worcester Interior Panel Door)

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