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Fire Doors for the Home

These fire doors are totally suitable for attic conversions where the local planning authority   requires all doors including the existing doors to be changed to match current fire regulations, we can supply fire doors for attic conversions.

A massive range of fire doors to suit virtually any home.

Our range of fire doors vary between 30 minute ratings otherwise known as "FD30" and up to a 2 hour raing which is a special order.

We can source specialist fire doors with specifc sizes, veneers and finishes and should you require "fire and smoke seals" known as "intumescent fire & smoke seals" we can not only supply those but have them installed in the doors as well.

The specifications and requirements for planning requirements should be checked out on a local basis, this should in theory not be necessary but some authorities may require self closing devices, specific fire hinge types and many other items to allow your project to fully comply, if in doubt ask your planner for "written" clarification, you have been warned!

Q. What clearances are required for fire doors/frames?

The preferred door edge to frame clearance specified in BS 8214: 2008 is 4mm on all edges for fire doors.

This 4mm clearance is required as Intumescent seals are engineered to react within this clearance size to give the optimum sealing and clamping performance.

Q. Can I resize a fire doorset if it doesn't fit? 

Resizing a doorset is not something that should be done without first contacting the manufacturer. 

Most door designs rely on components being of a minimum size in order to perform in a fire.

Lippings, also known as "door edges" or "foredges" are particularly important on typical flush door leaves – removing 3 or 4 mm can in some instances halve the depth of a lipping which could have a detrimental effect on the fire performance.

The simple rule should be that if the door is sticking and needs a very small adjustment of 1mm or so then this should have no detrimental effect on the doors performance for fire resistance.

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