Internal Pre Finished Flush Doors - Internal Pre Finished Doors

Most internal Prefinished doors are delivered; 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

Our Internal Pre Finished Flush Doors are manufactured to a high standard and include prefinished flsuh doors with glass.

There are numerous types of flush doors available including Oak flush veneer doors, Walnut flush doors, Ash flush doors, White primed flush doors and Coloured flush veneered doors, they are all laid out in simple to understand door categories within this site.

Each section has the fully finished flush doors or doors that match with glass fitted to them, lots of the pre-finished doors also have prefinished fire door equivalents and these are contained in the fire doors sections but there are simple "one click" links at the "Related Products" area of each door that will take you to complimentary door styles and types.

Prefinished Door Sizes;

These prefinished doors will in lots of instances have at least 3 sizes but in most instances we are able to offer a choice of 8 different sizes and two thicknesses including the unusual metric sized white interior doors. 

There are many interior prefinished door sizes on the market but ours can from time to time include 1981x457mm, 1981x533mm, 1981x610mm, 1981x686mm, 1981x762mm, 1981x838mm and  2032x813mm all of which are 35mm thick, we then have true metric sizes, these are door sizes that are all 2040mm high and are 40mm thick, they include 2040x526mm, 2040x626mm, 2040x726mm, 2040x826mm and in some instances 2040x926mm, fully finished fire doors will all be 45mm thick for a 30 minute fire door to 54mm thick for a 60 minute fire rated door.

If you can't find the interior prefinished door you want simply ask us and we will help guide you to the perfect pre-finished doors for your home.

Also see the Internal Pre-Finished Veneered Panel Doors Section.

Some of these Internal doors are are deemed "SPECIAL ORDER", this means that any orders subsequently cancelled by the customer cannot be accepted for return or refund.

We are very excited about the newest category in this section, it is the "Interior Prefinished Flush Coloured Veneer Doors" which we will be adding to over the next few months. 

Paint N Peel Instructions: Easy Print - Door sizes:
Diy Video Section

Not all doors have the Paint N Peel facility, Call 01968 671681 for assistance.

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