Single Fire Door Frame Kit in Oak Veneer or White Primed MDF - Suits Fire Doors

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Only suitable for 30 minute fire rated doors.

Interior door frame kits for use with fire doors and all cut to size to allow for on-site trimming, make sure you choose or intend to use a fire door for use with this fire door frame as all 1/2 hour fire rated doors are 44 - 45mm thick, all these frames have intumescent fire seals as standard - seals supplied loose for site fitting.

Please check the frames suitability and acceptance with your fire or planning officer prior to purchase, the certification of the chosen fire door has specific frame requirements as tested and certified, our frame kit will in our opinion match or exceed the frame used in the individual fire door test - seals have been tested and certified individually.

Certification Note:

Fire frame certification can only be supplied if you are buying the fire frame with a fire door and not when buying the frame as an individual product, it is the door that has a test certificate.

General information for door frame construction and Global Assessment testing requirements:

The global assessment assumes a door will be fitted in accordance with the way the door was tested in order to meet the result obtained during testing..... please check before purchase.

When using these frame kits they must be constructed to meet the following specification.

Material, Minimum Section Size (mm) Min Density (kg/m3) Softwood or Hardwood 70 x 30 


  • All door frame timber must meet or exceed class J30 as specified in BS EN 942: 2007 
  • A minimum 12mm deep planted or integral stop is adequate for single acting frames whilst double acting frames may be scalloped or square, our door stops are 25mm thick for extra safety and supplied loose for site fitting.
  • When installing frame joints may be mortice and tenoned, mitred, half lapped or butted and with no gaps. All jointing methods require mechanical fixing with the appropriate size ring shank nails or screws.
  • Intumescent fire and smoke seals will be white with white frame kits and oak colour with oak frame kits.

Thruframe Door Lining Frame Kits are 108x30mm or 133x30mm thick and are mainly used where there is a solid wall, timber stud style partition wall or a robust wall to give extra stability, the price is per 6 piece pack frame legs and lintol and including 3 door stops amd the 3 pieces of intumescent seals, to suit one doorway, sold in kit form.

Fire Seal Details Fire Seal Certificate
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48-72 hours
Frame Breadth, from inside to outside Choose from 108mm or 133mm, all are a substantial 30mm thick.
Notes This frame is supplied in kit form, the frame legs and lintol may be longer than required to allow for site cutting, intumescent fire and smoke seals are supplied loose but the frame is routered and ready to accept them.
Guarantee 12 months
Fire rated

1Frame Kit Material (Required)

Unit price Quantity
Oak Veneer Kit, 30x108mm Broad (OUTRUFCSGL108) RRP: £190.38 £169.22
Oak Veneer Kit, 30x133mm Broad (OUTRUFCSGL133) RRP: £190.38 £169.22
White Primed Kit, 30x108mm Broad (PWTRUFCSGL108) RRP: £144.27 £128.24
White Primed Kit, 30x133mm Broad (PWTRUFCSGL133) RRP: £144.27 £128.24
+  £0.00

Be careful to choose the correct oak veneered frame kit or a white primed option and the "breadth" of the frame.

2Door Heights (Required)


Choose which height best suits the door size you intend fitting

3Door Widths (Required)


Choose which frame width best suits the overall single door size you intend fitting.

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