Thruframe LPD Interior Single Door Frame Linings - Oak Veneered or White Primed

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Frame Lining kit for single door openings and will suit all of our range of standard sizes up to and including our largest interior door at 2040x926mm, simply add fixing screws for the frame and small fixing pins for the stops. 

You can also browse and find hardwood, prefinished veneered oak or unfinished veneered oak frame lining kits on this site that will suit lots of door sizes and opening breadths - supplied oversize, site cutting of leg lengths and lintol width is required.

Thruframe Door Lining Frames are 108x30mm or 133x30mm thick and are mainly used where there is a timber stud style partition wall or a robust wall to give extra stability, the price is per 6 piece pack including the door stops, to suit one doorway, sold in kit form, lining sets available in white primed or real oak veneer on mdf core for stability.

The breadths of the frames are all nominal sizes, this means that they can vary very slightly.

Options are oak veneered mdf or white primed for MDF for painting, on occassion and instead of white primied MDF it may be white paper overlay mdf for painting.

Frame Breadth, from inside to outside 108x30mm or 133x30mm as shown below.
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
Guarantee 12 months
Glass There is no glass requirement with these frames but there may be for the door you have chosen.
Threshold These frames do not include a threshold for under the door.
Notes All these frame items are supplied in kit form, not assembled.
Special Note Frame legs may be longer than required and may need cutting to the correct length on site, the set comes complete with the door stops for the door to close against.

1Frame Veneer Types & sizes (Required)

Unit price Quantity
Oak Veneer kit, 30x108mm Broad (OUTRULPDSGL108) £102.58
Oak Veneer kit, 30x133mm Broad (OUTRULPDSGL133) £102.58
White Primed kit, 30x108mm Broad (PWTRULPDSGL108) £79.64
White Primed kit, 30x133mm Broad (PWTRULPDSGL133) £79.64
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2DOOR HEIGHTS (Required)


Choose which height best suits the door size you intend fitting.

3DOOR WIDTHS (Required)


Choose which width best suits the door size you intend fitting.

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