Pattern 10 Oak door with Clear Safety Glass

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We have supplied similar pattern 10 oak 1 pane door for many years and it continues to prove very popular for our customers, this door is from one of our new suppliers and it offers quality and style at an easily affordable cost.

The pattern 10 oak 1 pane door is veneered with "quarter cut" oak on a solid pine core which ensures stability in every location including bathrooms, it is a simple but nonetheless attractive 1 pane oak door.

This door has a beading around the edge of the glass, it is not a square profile.

This pattern 10 oak 1 pane door is available in the 610mm and 686mm sizes as shown below.

Technical Specifications           

PMMG MOPATT10-20-35mm

Construction White oak veneered on a pine solid core and with 10mm edge lippings.
Thickness 35mm
Guarantee 12 months
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 4-7 Working days anywhere within mainland Uk, Islands by arrangement.

1Size (Required)

Unit price Quantity
1981x610x35mm (MOPATT10-20-35MM) RRP: £248.29 £220.70
1981x686x35mm (MOPATT10-23-35MM) RRP: £248.29 £220.70
1981x762x35mm (MOPATT10-26-35MM) RRP: £248.29 £220.70
1981x838x35mm (MOPATT10-29-35MM) RRP: £248.29 £220.70
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2 Frames (Optional)

Recommended if you want best value

Includes factory fittings of hinges, latches/locks/bolts and handles as part of the package price.

Recommended if you want more choice

Just a frame on its own. You can also choose from our full range of compatible fittings, or opt for none at all.
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3Handles (Optional)

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4Hinges (Optional)

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5Latches/Locks/Bolts (Optional)

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6Fittings (Optional)

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  • Escutcheons/keyhole shields
  • Vents
  • Finger plates

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