JBK Montana Etna Bespoke Rebated Oak Door Pair

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Usual Delivery Time; 10 - 14 Days and free anywhere on the UK mainland.

The JB Kind Montana Etna Bespoke Rebated Oak Door Pair with flat panel is finished to a high standard with oak faces over a solid core, this Etna door pair may well be supplied in a darker colour than shown and contains engineered components including laminated timber, MDF or particle board, this oak door is also manufactured in a fire rated version but not as a rebated pair.

The door pairs are formed so that you can choose which door leaf opens first and which way 1st. Please refer to the images within each production and add your choice as requested below.

Please be aware that where a door is classed as "prefinished" there may be an element of decoration required for the area on the door edges that have been rebated as well as to any area of any of the doors that are supplied without decoration.

Sizes (widths) are 1208mm, 1360mm, 1512mm, and 1664mm thus ensuring that there are plenty of options for your home.

Please remember that we cannot stop the manufacturing process, so once an order has been placed they cannot be cancelled or refunded as the doors are marked up for rebating immediately upon receipt of your order.

JB Kind Montana Door Information


Supplier Delivery Timescale 10- 14 Days and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
Handing Please choose carefully which door opens which way 1st, it cannot be altered once it is machined.
Overall Widths The sizes shown are the overall sizes without any allowance for opening clearances.
Special Orders These door are a special order and cannot be cancelled when ordered.
Thickness 35mm
Guarantee 12 months

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1981x1208x35mm (OETN20-2-REB) RRP: £499.46 £443.96
1981x1360x35mm (OETN23-2-REB) RRP: £499.46 £443.96
1981x1512x35mm (OETN26-2-REB) RRP: £499.46 £443.96
1981x1664x35mm (OETN29-2-REB) RRP: £499.46 £443.96
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10- 14 Days and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

4Handles (Optional)

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Only one pair is required per door pair but one pair would operate a latch if fitted and one other pair (if chosen) would simply be for a balanced look.

5Hinges (Optional)

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Minimum of two required per door

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