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As with all things in the home the choice of Door Handles, Door Hinges, Door Draught Excluders and other Door Accessories is important in order to give the best impression, our door fittings range can certainly do that.

So you've chosen you perfect doors and you're ready to fit it and move on to the next job.  Well not quite, in order to get the most out of your brand new door it's important that you choose suitable door furniture, door locks and the correct amount and size of door hinges that will complement both the door you have chosen and the surroundings within which it is to be fitted. 

We stock a wide range of top quality door handles, door hinges and door locks latches to help you do just that, not only do we stock those items mentioned but we also stock door draught excluders and letter plates. 

Our range is vast, please check all our details to make sure you buy the correct product, all hinges are sold as singles as some doors require two hinges and others require three hinges, the very heaviest 1 hour fire doors may in fact require four hinges to help distribute the wieght.


All bathroom locks require a specific type of thumb turn or bathroom handles that incorporate a thumb turn, ordinary latches are not compatible with the individual thumb turns.

PLEASE NOTE: Some items, including handles, are specifically ordered to fulfill your purchase(s), we are unable to accept any items (especially those from the Designer range of handles) back to stock without charging a restocking fee of 25%, return postage to ourselves would be at your expense.

If items, which are marked as stock, are subsequently found to be out of stock please allow 4-7 days for delivery.

Our top quality range is a great way to compliement our beautiful internal door and external door products on offer throughout our site.

Call 01968 671681 for assistance.

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