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A brand new collection of window furniture, all products are hand crafted and finished in a choice of striking finishes.

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We offer a quality collection of handcrafted period window fittings. Our solid bronze products are made up of 85% copper, our Aged Bronze finish offers a rich matt look and has a dark depth of colour that becomes lighter over time with use and oxidation. As the warm copper tones start to wear through the darker layers it creates contrast and adds character. The Polished Bronze finish is perfect for adding a contemporary twist and can be highly polished or left to tarnish naturally.

The "From the Anvil" brand was created by a family in Mid Wales. They started out as an ironmongery supplier and realized very quickly that there was a niche in the market and a need for high-quality interior fittings. Their unique products are hand-forged, giving them unmatched strength and richness of character.

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