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Wood & Vehicle Construction


I have always had a love affair with old cars, I grew up working with some local guys in their parents stables, they were from the posh end of the street where we spent hour after hour stripping old cars down to the bare chassis, this was in the days when cars were contructed with the chassis, running gear etc as one unit and then the body would be added.




I was always aware that prior to this most cars were made with timber regarded as a main component, I thought it would be interesting to show a few examples of cars that had wood used in their construction.


It really is amazing how many cars had wood components, admittedly some cars continue to use wood by way of veneers for the dashboard and some door panels. The new Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead is a prime example of wood and its continuing use in car construction beyond just a few veneers, the rear has a Teak effect similar to what you would see on a luxury yacht.


My own car  has very little components of wood other than the little bit of veneer to the dash.




I have no doubt that wood will continue to be used in vehicle construction, most trucks including our own use plywood flooring or solid timber decking for flat bed trucks and I cannot see that changing.


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