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Why and When to Choose Wooden Doors

At the start of your journey to replace doors in your home there are some fairly basic things to consider.

  • Timber type, pine, oak, walnut, white primed?
  • Panelled, flush or glazed?
  • Glass type, obscure or clear?
  • Prefinished or ready for you to decorate?
  • Ordinary or Fire rated
  • Thickness and sizes
  • Style, last but not least!

The above items are all individually straight forward but as a quick check list they are important, it won't be the first time that a customer has assumed all the doors are one thickness or indeed one size....

Our suggestion is to start with the colour of your decor and then think about whether you want to borrow "light" from or to a room.

The glazing of doors is decided by whether privacy is required and if so how much, the fact the glass is obscure or clear will have no bearing on how much light is allowed through.

                             Image of Sassari Oak Flush Door, Groove Design & Clear Glass

                                                      Interior Wooden Doors

The issue surrounding whether to choose a panelled door or a flush door is a personal choice, some stunning veneers are available for flsuh doors and when these veneers are added directionally, some set in a combined horizontal or vertical patterns to stunning effect.

The choice of prefinished or ready to decorate doors is in the main decided by your own time constraints and in part by some doors only being available in one or the other options, In virtually every case there will be something to suit your tastes and time.

The expensive choice, if fire doors rathern ordinary (non fire rated) doors are required then an extra budget may be required especially if you intend fitting fire rated doors with glass, a huge range of this door type is now available.

Thickness, most doors are 35mm thick but our metric range is always 40mm thick, having said that please remember that fire doors (30 minute rated) are 44mm thick....always!

Sizes, please check and note every door size for every room, do not assume they are the same, they are often smaller for bathrooms and cupboards.

The style of door is the big issue here, you and your partner must come to an agreement on this item, no amount of tech speak by us can help, just give a little and ease the pain.

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