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What is abachi wood ?

Abachi is a timber of  Triplochiton scleroxylon -  a tropical tree of Africa. Abachi grows throughout West and Central Africa in a zone from Guinea east to the Central African Republic, and south to Gabon and the Congo.  It is known in Nigeria as obeche, in Ghana as wawa, in Cameroon as ayous, and in Ivory Coast as samba.  All abache wood used in United Kingdom is imported.

Abachi wood is light in colour, ranging from creamy white to a pale yellow; the texture is medium to leathery, with grain that is typically interlocking to straight. Sapwood and heartwood are highly similar in appearance and difficult to differentiate. The wood's light weight is well-suited for use in particleboard and as the core of plywood; some is used for veneer as well.

Abache is used by guitar makers as a veneer, in classic surfboards construction and - what's most unusual  it is used as a stock for artificial limbs, perhaps because of the wood's nondescript appearance.

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