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Walnut Doors

A stunning range of dark and moody Internal Walnut Doors which are perfect for most homes. 

                            Internal Walnut Panel Doors                                                                       Walnut panel Doors

We will deliver Walnut doors for free to anywhere within the mainland UK!


                                          Internal Walnut Doors with Glass 

                                 Walnut Doors with Glass

We are completely satisfied that our internal walnut doors live up to our objective of supplying these top quality doors.......the best walnut doors at the lowest possible prices. 


                                          Internal Walnut Flush Doors

                                      Walnut Flush Doors

We believe that our walnut doors can help add to the value of your property in many cases but at the very least they will enhance your home decor.


                                          Walnut Doors in Unusual Metric Sizes

                                Metric Sized Walnut Doors

There is also a range of doors with "Wenge" veneers which is a dark veneer, alternatively we supply a door called "Eco Grey" which is a mid colour and painted to a stunningly high finish, no image will do this door justice but if "modern" is your preference this door will match and exceed you expectations.

                      Image of JB Kind Eco Grey Flush Economy Door, Pre-finished     

                                         Eco Grey Flush


                      Image of JB Kind Eco Grey Flush Economy Door - Clear Safety Glass, Pre-finished

                                       Eco Grey Glazed

If you have any questions regarding our range of internal walnut doors, please check out our FAQ page and, if this doesn't suffice, email us at or call 01968 671681 for assistance.