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The History of Ermetika

Ermetika has specialised in the manufacture of high quality pocket door systems for over 3 decades.

In the 1970s, various Italian companies began to concentrate in metal processing which was later used to create metal structures that were inserted inside the wall to host sliding doors. If you are not familiar with the term ‘pocket door’ – it refers to doors that slide into a wall cavity.

Whilst various sliding door solutions have been traced back as far as Ancient Rome, Victorian Britain and traditional Japan, it was the process of modernisation that helped put Ermetika’s pocket door mechanisms on the map in Europe.  

Two Italian brothers named Antonio and Francesco Spinazzola were renowned for their blacksmith and metalworking, which led them to create the company that later became known as Ermetika in Barleta in 1987. The company began the process of modernization and in 1992 the Ermetika brand was officially born. The brand's sales network now spans four continents and the brand is present in all major international fairs in the interior design sector.

Pocket doors are used for architectural effect, as they can be fully concealed within the adjoining wall. For example, the use of a pocket door in a 100sqm space is said to free up to 10% more space.

As populations grew, the vertical development of cities boomed as we built up rather than out. This meant that homes were smaller and therefore the need to optimise space became greater. Pocket doors offered the perfect solution to hinged doors and the beautiful craftmanship of Ermetika’s robust and efficient quality systems grew in popularity into the worldwide business it is today.

The Giordano institute has individually tested Ermetika tracks to promise reliability and security to customers. With a load capacity of 120kg, all their products are certified for up to 100.000 cycles, which is almost 25 years of use!

What began as a small business started by two Italian craftsmen grew to the worldwide brand famous in the world of architecture that it is today.

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