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Stormy Weather - Fallen Trees

This blog is becoming very therapeutic.

I'm currently sitting in the lounge with the laptop on my knee and the ipad on the arm rest, this may be therapeutic for me as mentioned but is really annoying my wife....."it's not an office you know" is her war cry but my selective hearing is in full gear.

The BBC breakfast programme (September 2012) is currently focusing on the the overnight storms and the damage being caused, flooding and trees coming down.

If I focus on the damaged or destroyed trees for a moment, we all know that trees are dangerous in a storm but when they do come down (depending on the species) they can and are used for furniture and doors by local artisans or companies including our own company, have a look here to see some door examples.


Bespoke doors - Fit your own glass

As an example to what is possible, Patrick Turk from Nottingham is creating furniture from trees that have come down within the historic Sherwood Forrest, Mr Turk, 46, uses a solar-powered kiln to dry out the wood, meaning it can take longer than usual, but he believes it is important to be environmentally-friendly.

Prices for the pieces range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds and he makes about 15 items a year and buyers get a map of where the tree was and its location in relation to the legendary Major Oak, linked to Robin Hood, and Parliament Oak. Parliament Oak, between Edwinstowe and Mansfield, is the tree where King John is said to have held parliament with his advisers in the 13th century.

Se more related psots, go to, acknowledgement, my thanks for the above three paragraphs go to this site.

Fallen trees have historically been used for making doors and furniture but as far as doors are concerned much less so now, I personally try and source my timber from FSC managed resources for, this should mean that there is a "Chain of Custody" so that we eliminate the use of illegally logged trees, I agree there is some way to go to eradicate the use of illegally felled trees but we continue to try.


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