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Spook Up Your Home for Halloween


Halloween is fast approaching and your home is sure to receive a lot of visitors on the night, so what better time to make your front door a little more inviting to the denizens of the dark? With a little bit of creativity your home can quickly become something that even the scariest of ghosts and ghouls would be proud of.

A classic approach is to arrange some hand-carved pumpkins around your door. With a lit candle within the creepy heads, this creates a spooky, atmospheric welcome to any visitors.

halloween-2017                halloween-2017

Feeling like being extra creepy? Skulls are a good prop to include in your setups - a skull placed within a wreath or a tombstone can work wonders for surprising your guests in the dead of night.

This is the perfect time of the year to be creative with your home's exterior, so give it a bash and make something memorable for the kids.

And remember, it doesn't matter what you make, just as long as you have fun!

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